9 Golf Holes With Unique Features

Oakmont Country Club Church Pews Bunker

By T.J. AUCLAIR, PGA of America

Golf courses are like snowflakes — no two are the same.

Sure, there may be courses with similar holes, similar features and trademark designs implemented by its designer, but they all have their differences no matter how subtle.
The holes we’re about to show you, well, their like no other holes/stretch of holes in the golf.

Here’s a look at nine unique golf holes in the world.

Oakmont Country Club’s ‘Church Pews’ Bunker

Lying between the third and fourth fairways at famed Oakmont, the Church Pews will swallow up tee shots that are hooked off either tee. The Church Pews are 102 yards in length with 12 grass islands. About 4-6 yards of sand is between each of the 12 islands. It’s an incredible feature for a course many regard as among the most difficult in the world.

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