The 30 Best Golf Gifts For Christmas And The Holidays


This holiday season, instead of spending hours scouring dozens of websites or hoofing it to multiple stores to find the perfect gift for your favorite golfer, spend some time perusing our list instead. The 30 items featured here have been meticulously compiled by GOLF’s editors to delight anyone who loves the game.

Golf Ball Glasses (US$29.00)

This fun set of two glasses can help you create a 19th hole in your own home. The glasses hold 10 ounces and are wide enough to accommodate a 2.5 inch ice cube.

The Orange Whip (US$109.00)

This amazingly simple design — weighted orange ball and a super-flexible shaft — is great for pre-round warm ups and general rhythm work. Not only will your balance improve, so will your flexibility.

Theragun Portable Masseuse (US$399.00)

If you’re an avid golfer, you know how beautiful the sport can be. It’s a passion and a lifestyle—but it can cause constant aches and pain, especially in the lower back. Enter the Theragun G3. It’s a handheld machine that releases muscle tension and tightness by generating rapid, repetitive percussions to stimulate blood flow. This kind of stimulation can also activate tired muscles and improve range of motion, making a 30-second Theragun session a perfect addition to your pre-round or pre-range routine. The Theragun G3 comes with four attachments that target area-specific relief (the “dampener” is for tender areas near bones, the “thumb” is for your lower back, the “cone” is for pinpoint muscle treatment, and the “standard ball” is for overall use), and the Theragun app smartly explains the many ways you can use it to feel your best.

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