Sober Kirk Returning After Six-Month Hiatus

Sober Kirk Returning After Six-Month Hiatus

By WILL GRAY, Golf Channel

Six months after announcing an indefinite leave from the PGA Tour to battle alcoholism and depression, Chris Kirk is set to return at the Mayakoba Golf Classic.

Kirk, 34, has not played since the Zurich Classic, and in May he announced that he would be stepping away from the game to begin a "better chapter in my life." In a recent interview with, Kirk revealed that while he never drank before or during a round, it became an increasing part of his daily routine in recent months.

"I've got to drink the right amount at night so that I feel normal the next day," Kirk recalled. "Not too much so that I'm really hung over, but I can't not have anything or I'm going to feel weird the next day." 

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