Why PGA President Suzy Whaley Wants To Change Your Scorecard’s Design

By SEAN ZAK, Golf.com

Have you ever considered the simple design of a scorecard? Take a closer look next time.

It is very likely your scorecard is laid out horizontally, with the first hole on the far left and the 18th on the far right. Very intuitive. But that classic orientation also includes an unwelcome element you may have never thought about. Up on the top, there are yardages from the back tees, then the men’s tees, then likely the senior tees, followed by a bunch of empty boxes to record scores. Then, down at the bottom, come the women’s yardages.

“That small little token is the first thing women see when they see a scorecard,” PGA of America President Suzy Whaley said on the Drop Zone Podcast this week. “We’re on the bottom and you’re on the top, which is not great.”

Whaley presented her point well. There is perhaps no stigma more inherent in the game than the one surrounding the tee boxes we play from, and that difference is reinforced by that massive gap on the scorecard.

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