Hadwin Comfortable As Career Hits New Phase

By ROBERT THOMPSON, Global Golf Post

What sometimes looks good on paper doesn’t feel great on the course, while what feels great on the course sometimes isn’t always reflected on the leaderboard. It can be an illusion, one Adam Hadwin is still getting accustomed to.

“Sometimes the results indicate something that really isn’t there,” said Hadwin from the PGA Tour's stop in Napa, Calif., where he finished second to winner Cameron Champ.

From Hadwin’s perspective, that’s the case with his performance in his past two years on tour, where he basically made the same amount of money each season – right around $2 million. But because he made it three stages deep in the FedEx Cup playoffs two seasons ago, and through only two playoff tournaments last season, many saw the 2017-18 campaign as a bigger success. That’s not how it felt to Hadwin.

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