Golf’s First Superstar Revealed in New Book


While some may think golf's first stars were Hagen and Jones, this new book profiles someone who dominated close to a century earlier.

Author Stephen Proctor puts forward "Young Tom Morris," the son of the legendary pioneer of golf, Tom Morris, as golf’s first superstar.

A Scottish professional, he was the first young prodigy in golf history. He won four consecutive titles in the Open Championship, an unmatched feat, and did this by the age of 21.

Born at a pivotal moment in history, just as the new and inexpensive ‘gutty’ ball was making golf affordable and drawing thousands of new players to the game, his genius and his swashbuckling personality would set a game that had been frozen in amber for four centuries on the pathway to becoming worldwide spectator sport we know today.

Exhaustively researched and beautifully illustrated, Proctor's Monarch of the Green is a stirring and evocative history of Tommy’s life (which also includes, for the first time, a compilation of his competitive record in stroke-play tournaments, singles matches, and foursomes) and demonstrates how, in one dazzling decade, this young superstar dominated the sport like few others have ever done.

About the Author

Stephen Proctor has served as a senior editor at The Baltimore Sun, The San Francisco Chronicle and The Houston Chronicle. A native of Maryland, he graduated from The American University in Washington and was later awarded a John S. Knight Fellowship in journalism at California's Stanford University. Stephen is an avid golfer and has spent the past decade studying the history of the royal and ancient game. He currently lives in Florida.

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