Ashley & Dave Zibrik Managed to Marry Their Two True Loves... Golf and Each Other

Ashley and Dave Zibrik

By BRAD ZIEMER, British Columbia Golf

Before they fell in love with each other, Dave Zibrik and Ashley Hogg had already fallen in love with golf. It was the summer of 2005 when they met — at a golf course, naturally.

Ashley had come home for the summer after completing her junior year at Boise State University, where she played collegiate golf, and had landed a summer job at Swaneset Bay in Pitt Meadows. Dave had just turned pro, was also working at Swaneset and was in the midst of completing the golf management program at Camosun College. Both were 21 and soon they were in love with more than just golf.

“Our first 20 dates probably involved golf,” Dave, who was raised in Coquitlam, says with a laugh. “We would basically work, play golf, work, play golf,” adds Ashley, who hails from Squamish. “We’d tee it up before and after work and play until it was dark.”

They knew things were getting serious when they began hanging out after their rounds. “We’d golf and then go, hey, want to go grab something to eat,” Ashley says. “So it was golf, grab something to eat and repeat.”  They could not have dreamed where this romance, with golf and each other, would take them.

Today, Dave and Ashley Zibrik — they married in 2012 — have two of the best jobs in the British Columbia golf business. For the past three-and-a-half years, Dave has been director of golf at Point Grey Golf & Country Club, a private club on Southwest Marine Drive in Vancouver. Earlier this summer, Ashley became head professional and director of golf at Shaughnessy Golf & Country Club, another highly-regarded private club on Southwest Marine Drive.

The Zibriks Understand The Value Of Working Out To Keep Both Themselves And Their Golf Game Fit. Here They Are Seen At The CrossFit Facility In North Vancouver. (Photo/CrossFit North Vancouver)

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