Crowsnest Pass G&CC a Dead Solid Do-Over

Crowsnest Pass Golf Club


BLAIRMORE, Alberta — While the rebuild of the Crowsnest Pass Golf & Country Club isn’t quite complete, it is a most definitely a masterpiece in the making. The new holes, designed by Alberta architect Gary Browning, at this spectacularly scenic track are simply spectacular from start to finish.

You get a taste of what’s to come when you roll up to the first tee - which used to be the driving range and which will eventually be the 18th hole when all is complete but for now is the starting point. You’re immediately both awe-struck and intimidated looking up the hill of the par-5 dogleg that bends toward the spanking new clubhouse at hilltop. The hole, a 508-yard blast from the back tee of the six sets of blocks here, is going to be a wonderful closing hole when that time comes when construction’s completed. Right now though, it’s a bit of a daunting opener, but that feeling disappears quickly once you hit the second hole, which will eventually be No. 1.

Confused? Don’t be. The routing here will be finalized next year when the massive, and beautiful clubhouse, which towers above the first, er, 18th green, overlooking the local mountains and eye-candy landscape, is completed.

With this rebuild nearing the end and the public now allowed to play all 18 holes, including that opening test, interest in playing the layout is high. The old holes that have been replaced wouldn’t have come anywhere close to duplicating the new assignments and because of that, people are flocking to the course in the Crowsnest Pass area of southern Alberta.

“The phone’s been ringing off the hook!” stated the club’s head professional, Jason Roth. He pointed out that he’s seen a lot of players from Calgary and area come down to the course, plus visitors from out of country as well, who enjoy the mountain scenery and the great layout pre-sented to them by Browning.

What’s offered up here is true mountain golf. You’ve got uphill tee shots; downhill approach shots; sidehill lies; smooth greens with breaks galore and of course, well designed holes. This is one of those courses that while appearing to be somewhat off the beaten path, you’ll find it’s well worth the time to get there because you won’t be disappointed with what you see when you tee it up here.

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