Swing Caddy Intros PRO Version, a Patented Golf Swing Trainer

Swing Caddy PRO

Swing Caddy PRO, the most powerful one driving up to 330 yards (135 mph) of BEST Internationally PATENTED Golf Swing Impact Trainers, is now available on Amazon as well as Swing Impact.

It uses the same Internationally PATENTED “Sinker Spring Loaded Magnet” technology as the popular Swing Caddy and Hole in One. Its adjustable Control Scale and dual clicking at swing impact zone and follow-through allow golfers at all levels to increase distance with better accuracy, rhythm, and tempo. Golf Pros and amateurs testified to the effect that they have significantly improved their golf games by using them as recommended.

All products come with One-year Warranty, returnable within 30 days. Shipping available to anywhere in USA (free) and around the world.