Video: Katherine Roberts - Better Posture For A Better Golf Swing

by Katherine Roberts - Exercises To Prevent C Curve

Yoga For Golfers Instructor Katherine Roberts Demonstrates Better Posture To Help Golfers Improve Their Golf Swing

Many golfers are guilty of adopting bad swing habits simply through poor posture at address in the golf swing.

There's no point in pounding out balls on the range or trying to ingrain a grooved swing if you're not even starting off in a proper position.

Image Caption : Yoga for Golfers instructor Katherine Roberts explains in this video how we can perform a series of exercises that target the specific areas required to help improve our golf swing. 

If you want more distance you may need to check your posture.

Many golfers, when addressing the ball, have what is called a “C” posture or a rounding of the shoulders and a bowing or curving of the upper back.

This posture is more prevalent as we age and/or from the fact that we are sitting at our desks more so today, hunched over a computer.

A C-posture decreases the golfer’s ability to get the club back in the backswing by as much as 20 – 30%.  A reduced backswing often results in less clubhead speed and fewer yards down the fairway.  

Click on the video below to see how Katherine shows us how to both stretch and strengthen the proper muscle groups to help prevent this issue with your golf swing.