LiveView Pro Camera: Much More Than a Recording Device

LiveView Pro Camera

Advancements in smartphone technology may have made it easier for golfers to record their swing, but even the latest models still can’t offer players the live feedback and versatile vision of a coach.

That’s where LiveView Pro comes in.

While the LiveView camera is not much bigger than a smartphone, its functionality for golf practice is far more extensive . . . and more effective.

Smartphones are awkward to position, but the LiveView Pro camera clips easily onto an alignment rod or tripod. Thanks to this feature, golfers can observe their own swing from literally any angle.

Just as important is the live video image allowing users to watch every second of their swing as it happens. When golfers record their swing on a smartphone, they can review their swing motion and try to make a mental note of where they need improvement. However, the LiveView Pro camera syncs with the LiveView app on the user’s smartphone or tablet, displaying mirror image video in real time. This way, golfers can fix errors as they happen, visually confirm that they’ve adjusted correctly, and accelerate improvement thanks to kinesthetic learning.

Plus, LiveView Pro uses Digital Swing Mirror (DSM) technology to show the golfer a reflection of him or herself, better facilitating quick adjustments.

Users who want to record their swings only need to activate LiveView Pro’s auto swing detect feature. This function automatically detects the sound of impact and captures the user’s entire swing from 2 seconds before contact to 2 seconds after. Unlike a smartphone, LiveView doesn’t require the golfer to interrupt swing drills to start and stop recording. The LiveView Pro camera starts and stops automatically for each and every swing.

The LiveView app comes free with purchase of the LiveView Pro. In addition to displaying real-time video, the app features instant slow motion replay so users don’t miss a single detail of their swing. They also have access to Swing Tools and Templates, allowing golfers and their coaches to draw coaching objects on the video screen to check for details such as head position and swing path.

Going forward, LiveView Sports remains at the forefront of golf technology with the pending release of its innovative AR Headset and automatic posture detection to accelerate and simplify all players’ golf training. LiveView Sports continuing commitment to innovation will cement its role as the go-to training aid for beginners and pros alike.

This is way more than a handheld recording device. LiveView Pro is an entire golf studio that fits in your pocket.

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