Swing Caddie Touts Launch Monitor Aide Course Management

Course management is one of the trickiest skills to master in the game of golf. Nevertheless, every golfer knows that a more insightful approach to the course can be a game-changer.

But knowing how to navigate the course correctly starts with accurately predicting one’s own ball flight.

This is why Voice Caddie has added an Apex reading to their all-new SC300 portable launch monitor.

The SC300 is the newest generation of Voice Caddie’s bestselling, amateur-accessible launch monitor. The device includes all the features that made the SC200 Swing Caddie an instant hit, including instant feedback on swing speed, smash factor, ball speed, and carry distance. The launch monitor includes settings for club selection and customized loft angle, and it stores data for the last 100 shots.

With so many statistics on hand, users are able to review their data in terms of “averages,” gaining a more accurate understanding of their swing performance overall.

This is especially meaningful when it comes to the SC300’s brand new apex reading. This statistic reveals the maximum height of golf ball flight on each shot. Apex is one of the more overlooked statistics, but the benefits of knowing one’s own average maximum height can be massive.

Whether they’re navigating hazards on the golf course, manipulating the ball landing, or managing wind, golfers of all levels will find that they make better choices just by knowing what their average apex is. This knowledge also helps them learn to adjust according to the needs of the course. The height of ball flight is difficult to estimate visually. With a device like the SC300, golfers can use actual, measurable data to test their efforts to increase or decrease their apex. When they learn how a higher apex feels, they can better adapt during a round of golf.

Admittedly, none of this matters if the apex readings aren’t as accurate as possible. The SC300 Swing Caddie is engineered with Doppler Radar Technology and Barometric Pressure Calibration to guarantee the most accurate readings possible . . . readings with a level of accuracy comparable to the industry standard launch monitor.

In this age of accessible information, amateur golfers are more insightful than ever. They understand their swing better than ever before, and they’re increasingly invested in tapping into the same data their favorite Tour players use.

Voice Caddie stays ahead of golfers’ needs with the SC300, the portable launch monitor that provides Tour-grade insight at a weekend golfer price.

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