Improving Your Posture

Garett Jenkinson - Great golf swings have great posture that is maintained throughout the swing. Many people lose their posture too early. Try this drill to see if you can hold your posture through impact.


1. Cradle a golf club across your chest with the head of the club and shaft extended out to the right. Make sure that the toe of the club is facing up as you bend into proper golf posture.

2. Rotate your shoulders into the backswing and ensure to keep some flex in your right knee. Make sure that your head stays still and you stay inside your right foot.

3. Keep your head still and rotate your hips and shoulders until the club is at impact. Make sure that the club is pointing down where your ball would be; resist lifting and make sure the club reaches impact. Club face should be square to the target line, weight should be mostly to your front foot. Your hips will be open as well as your shoulders.

About the Writer

Garett Jenkinson is Head Teaching Professional at Golf Performance Canada at Inglewood, and the 2014 Alberta Teacher of the Year. He can be reached at 403-453-GOLF (4653) or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..