Practice Without The Risk Of Injury With The StrikeAbsorber


APPLE VALLEY, California — Injuries are a big concern for players on the PGA TOUR.  As the FedEx Cup Playoffs and Ryder Cup matches came to a close, we saw some of the world’s top ranked players conspicuously wearing Kinesio Tape on their wrists to help their body’s natural healing process.  Both Justin Thomas and Jordan Spieth were battling tendonitis; Thomas in his right wrist and Spieth in his left.  Hours and hours of beating balls on the driving range whether you’re an aspiring professional golfer, developing player or serious amateur can take its toll. Now golfers of all abilities can practice without the risk of injuring their joints or tendons with the StrikeAbsorber ultimate practice mat.

The patented StrikeAbsorber practice mat prevents injuries with its unique inflatable bladder design. The inflatable bladder naturally absorbs and cushions the impact of every golf swing.  Manufactured with the industry’s leading premium synthetic turf, the StrikeAbsorber simulates the forward motion of real grass by giving way to the forward impact of the clubhead during the swing.  Golfers can hit down and through the ball producing the optimal angle of attack that recreates the feeling of taking a divot when hitting a real shot on the golf course.

Whether you’re at a driving range or using it at home, the StrikeAbsorber mat adds realism to your practice.  No more hitting shots off thin, unforgiving artificial turf with those thick plastic rubber tees.   The StrikeAbsorber’s plush and premium artificial turf allows you to insert a real tee into the strike zone area and adjust it to your specified height.

“I invented the StrikeAbsorber because I injured my wrist from the resistance of hitting golf balls off an artificial mat on concrete at my local driving range while trying to simulate taking divots,” said Zane Sites, President of Lowell Z. Sites Innovative Technologies. “The Strike Absorber’s inflatable bladder is designed to absorb the impact of a golf club strike and dissipate the energy when practicing shots that require you to hit down on the ball.”

Standard practice mats are hard, unforgiving and provide golfers with poor shot feedback when practicing.  Using a bicycle pump, the StrikeAbsorber can be inflated or deflated to simulate real conditions on the course.  The StrikeAbsorber simulates the ground and accurate levels of spin and compression on the ball. Hit it fat or hit it flush – the Strike Absorber will let you know.

Three-time major champion, Brooks Koepka, missed more than three months at the start of the year including the 2018 Masters Tournament due to a partially torn tendon in his left wrist. He noted at the 2018 U.S. Open, it was “the lowest point” of his professional career.  The StrikeAbsorber ultimate practice mat is an essential piece of equipment that helps prevent shock, strain and injury to your hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders and back.

The StrikeAbsorber comes in two models: the 180° and 360° practice mats.  Both retail for $149.00.

Custom commercial installations for driving ranges and teaching academies are available.  For more information visit or contact Zane Sites, 760-408-5178 (PST), This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..