‘Golf’s Next Wave’ Goes Behind-The-Scenes On Web.com Tour

Golf's Next Wave

ST. AUGUSTINE, Florida — The Web.com Tour has introduced its first podcast, Golf’s Next Wave, allowing fans to connect with the Tour via in-depth conversations with Web.com Tour players as well as Tour news, insight and analysis.

Co-hosts Kevin Prise (Web.com Tour digital producer) and Matt Cochran (PGA TOUR digital producer) follow the Tour extensively throughout the Regular Season, Finals and Qualifying Tournament, and bring the Tour to life with ‘Takeaways’ segments’ that recap the prior week’s happenings, ‘#WebTourWackiness’ segments that shine light on the unique vibe and character that permeates the Tour, and off-the-cuff banter.

Player interviews encompass a variety of on- and off-course topics that strive to peel back the curtain on the unique journey required to become a high-level professional golfer, what it takes to succeed on and off the course, best ways to decompress from the game, and rapid-fire question segments.

Fans are always encouraged to submit questions, topic ideas and guest suggestions for Kevin, Matt and guests via Twitter (@WebTourKevin and @PGATOURCochran).

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The podcast occurs weekly or bi-weekly, based on the travel schedules of our hosts, and is recorded at PGA TOUR Entertainment in St. Augustine, Florida.

“The Web.com Tour is the perfect forum for a podcast,” said Stewart Moore, senior director of communications for the Web.com Tour and PGA TOUR Champions. “There’s a lot that happens that fans don’t see and might not know about, and the more avenues we can give our fans to get a sense of what happens on Tour, and to get to know our players, the better.”

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